Annual General Meetings

2018 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Landsbankinn hf. will be held on 21 March 2018, at 17:00, in Landsbankinn’s branch at Austurstræti 11, Reykjavík.


  1. Report from the Board of Directors on the Bank’s activities during the past operating year.
  2. Annual financial statements for the past operating year, together with a report from the auditor, placed before the meeting for attestation.
  3. Decision on payment of a dividend and disposition of profit from the past financial year.
  4. Board of Directors submits remuneration policy proposal to the meeting for approval.
  5. Motions to amend Landsbankinn’s Articles of Association.
  6. Election of the Board of Directors.
  7. Election of the auditor.
  8. Decision on remuneration to members of the Board of Directors for the next term of office.
  9. Authorisation to purchase own shares.
  10. Other business.

AGM documents

Annual General Meeting 2018 - Agenda

Annual General Meeting 2018 - Motions

Information on candidates to the Bank's Board of Directors

Annual Financial Statement 2017

Annual report 2017

Other information

Shareholders are entitled to submit resolution proposals and items for the AGM’s agenda. Proposals and requests for items to be placed on the AGM’s agenda must be submitted to the Bank in writing no later than at 16:00 on 6 March 2018.

The final agenda of the AGM and meeting documents will be made available on the Bank's website on Wednesday, 7 March 2018.

According to Article 63 a of the Act on Public Limited Companies, No. 2/1995, written notice must be given of candidates for the Board of Directors at least five days prior to the AGM. Notice of candidature for the Board of Directors must be submitted before 16:00 on Friday, 16 March 2018, to the CEO's Office, Austurstræti 11, Reykjavík. Information on candidates for election to the Board of Directors will be made available and accessible on the Bank's website two days prior to the AGM.

Each króna of share capital in the Bank entitles the owner to one vote, less own shares which are non-voting shares. Voting ballots and other meeting documentation will be provided to attendees at the meeting venue from 16:30 on the day of the meeting. Proxies of shareholders shall provide written power of attorney at the entrance to the meeting.

Reykjavík, 27 February 2018
Board of Directors of Landsbankinn hf.