Landsbref Fixed Income

Who should invest?

Landsbanki Fixed Income long term is designed for investors who want solid returns and to diversify their portfolios by investing in the bond market, without being required to monitor payments of interest and principal.

Investment Strategy

Landsbanki's fixed income funds invest almost exclusively in marketable bonds, with a minimum of 60% government-backed securities.The duration of the Fixed Income long term portfolio is 7 years or longer, depending on the outlook for interest rates, with an average duration of 8.5 years.


Min: 5.49 Max: 5.76 Start: 5.49 End: 5.76

Investment Policy

Investment categories 8/1/2020 Min Max
Bonds and money market instruments issued or guaranteed by Icelandic municipalities or Municipality Credit Iceland Plc. 22.8% 20% 60%
Bonds and money market instruments issued or guaranteed by the National Treasury 21.6% 20% 80%
Secured and asset-based bonds 21.6% 0% 40%
Bonds and money market instruments backed by financial undertakings 17.5% 0% 40%
Other bonds and money market instruments 13.8% 0% 20%
Deposits 2.4% 0% 60%
Cash 0.3% 0% 10%
Derivatives 0.0% 0% 10%

About the Fund

The Fund is a UCITS operating pursuant to Act No. 128/2011, on UCITS, Investment Funds and Institutional Investor Funds, and is supervised by the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority (FME). The Fund is managed by Landsbréf hf., a management company licensed to operate in Iceland and supervised by the FME. Landsbankinn hf. serves as custodian bank for the Fund. Information about taxation is available in the document “Taxation”. Investment in funds always involves risk as the price of units can both increase and decrease due to changes in the value of underlying assets and exchange rate fluctuations where fund assets are in foreign currencies. Past returns are not necessarily an indication of future returns. Investors are advised to acquaint themselves thoroughly with key information and the prospectus of funds prior to investing. The redemption value of the Fund’s units is the market value of its total assets less any debts of the Fund, such as unpaid administrative and management costs, and other costs.

Share Classes
Bloomberg ISIN Min investment Man. fee
LAISFI4 IR Equity IS0000006278 5,000 ISK 0.80%

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Nominal Return

Nominal Return 7/31/2020

Period Uppsafn. Ársgr.
YtD 5.55% -
Past month 0.68% -
Past 2 months 1.41% -
Past 3 months 2.38% -
Past 6 months 4.88% -
Past year 7.25% 7.25%
Past 2 years 16.39% 7.89%
Past 3 years 21.50% 6.71%
Past 4 years 31.79% 7.15%
Past 5 years 34.85% 6.16%


Registration no. 670898-9469
Fund type Fixed income fund
Legal form UCITS
Inception date November 1, 1998
Domicile Iceland
Net asset value 1,026.3 m. ISK
Base currency ISK
Fund managers Rósa Björgvinsdóttir Sandra B. Ævarsdóttir
Trading hours 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM GMT
Settlement - Buys 2 bankdays
Settlement - Sells 2 bankdays
Bid-ask spread 1%
Transaction fee 450 ISK
Entrance fee 0%
Subscription available Yes
Spread discount for subscribers 100%