Landsbref - Liquidity Fund

Who should invest?

Landsbref Liquidity Fund is intended for both individuals and companies, as well as institutional investors. The fund is suitable for investors interested in deposits with financial undertakings and a diversified portfolio of money market instruments issued by the National Treasury, financial undertakings and municipalities. The objective of Landsbref Liquidity Fund is to provide investors with an opportunity to purchase unit shares in a relatively low-risk fund, with regard for interest rate risk, while maintaining a more risk-forward investment strategy, with regard for credit risk. Icelandic krónur (ISK) is the base currency of the fund and the aim is to achieve a rate of return equivalent to that of short-term interest rates in Iceland.

Investment Strategy

The fund is a Non-UCITS fund. The fund invests primarily in deposits with financial undertakings and money market instrument issued by the National Treasury, municipalities and financial undertakings. According to the Act on Securities Transactions, No. 108/2007, money market instruments are defined as financial instruments generally traded on the short-term market (money market), such as Treasury and municipality bills, certificates of deposit and commercial papers excluding cheques, bills and other comparable instruments. The maturity of individual bonds in the fund's portfolio shall never exceed 397 days, excluding Treasury bonds which have no duration limits. The duration of the fund shall remain under 180 days


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Investment Policy

Investment categories 8/1/2020 Min Max
Deposits with financial institutions 77.8% 40% 100%
Cash 9.9% 0% 10%
Money market instruments issued by financial institutions 8.0% 0% 60%
Money market instruments and bonds issued or backed by the National Treasury 4.3% 0% 60%
Derivatives 0.0% 0% 10%
Money market instruments and bonds issued by municipalities 0.0% 0% 50%

About the Fund

The Fund is a UCITS (mutual fund) as defined by Act No. 30/2003, on Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) and Investment Funds. The Fund is operated by management company Landsbréf hf., under license from the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority (FME). Landsbankinn is the Fund’s custodian bank. Information about taxation is available in the document “Taxation". All further information on the Fund is provided in the prospectus and at Landsbankinn offices and branches.

Share Classes
Bloomberg ISIN Min investment Man. fee
LAISLIQ IS0000020659 5,000 ISK 0.35%

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