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Landsbankinn founding member of Iceland Sustainable Investment Forum

Iceland Sustainable Investment Forum (IcelandSIF) was established in Iceland on 13 November. The aim of IcelandSIF is to promote awareness and debate about the methods of sustainable and responsible investment. Landsbankinn is one of 23 founding members of IcelandSIF.

The founding members are financial undertakings, pension funds and insurance companies that invest on own account or on behalf of third parties that operate in Iceland and support the organisation's platform. Founding members include eleven pension funds, four banks, three insurance companies, four fund management companies and one asset management firm.

A forum for learning and discussion

IcelandSIF is intended to function as an independent forum for discussion and education about responsible and sustainable investment. The organisation will as such not take a position on questions of contention in the field. The Icelandic name of the organisation is Samtök um ábyrgar fjárfestingar.

The Board of Directors of IcelandSIF is comprised of Arnór Gunnarsson, Chief Investment Officer at VÍS, Davíð Rúdólfsson, Chief Investment Officer at Gildi Pension Fund, Hrefna Ösp Sigfinnsdóttir, Managing Director of Landsbankinn Markets, Jóhann Guðmundsson, Asset Manager with the Pension Fund of Commerce, Kristín Jóna Kristjánsdóttir, Portfolio Manager at IS Funds, and Kristján Geir Pétursson, Manager of Legal Affairs at Birta Pension Fund. Hrefna Ösp is Chairman of the Board of IcelandSIF and Davíð Rúdólfsson is Vice-chairman of the Board.

Sustainable investment is more profitable

In an interview published on Landsbankinn's content and news site Umræðan, Gil Friend, a world leading expert on CSR, states that having regard for environmental, social and governance factors can boost the profitability of corporate investment.

Clear policy on responsible investment

Landsbankinn has devised a clear policy on responsible investment. The policy has regard for the United Nations' Principles on Responsible Investment (UN PRI), of which Landsbankinn is a member. The policy reflects Landsbankinn's rules on, inter alia, risk appetite, large exposures and maximum aggregate risk, operational risk, reputational risk, liquidity risk and good corporate governance.

More about the Bank’s policy on sustainable investment (icelandic)

Vikubyrjun/Weekly bulletin - 19 March 2018 12:53 PM

Icelandic Economic Weekly: Monday 19 March 2018

The Monetary Policy Committee held policy rates unchanged, in line with our expectations. Concurrent with the interest rate decision, Governor Már Guðmundsson gave a statement on the special reserve requirement on capital inflows. The CBI released updated data on foreign direct investment.


News and Notifications - 13 March 2018 12:49 PM

Economic growth continues to slow down, but was still robust last year

According to preliminary figures from Statistics Iceland, economic growth measured 3.6% in 2017 following on the heels of 7.5% growth in 2016. There is a considerable slow-down between years, with economic growth in 2017 more in line with Iceland’s long-term potential output.


Vikubyrjun/Weekly bulletin - 12 March 2018 10:42 AM

Icelandic Economic Weekly: Monday 12 March 2018

GDP increased by 1.5% YoY in Q4 2017 and 3.6% for the FY 2017. Landsvirkjun issued an USD 200m green bond. We expect the Monetary Policy Committee to hold policy rates unchanged on Wednesday.