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New opening hours in certain Landsbankinn branches

As of June, new opening hours will apply to several Landsbankinn branches. At the same time, changes will be made to Landsbankinn's branch at Hagatorg in Reykjavík. These changes are in response to developments in banking services, towards ever-increasing use of digital solutions by customers and declining branch visits.

Landsbankinn places a great deal of emphasis on electronic services. In recent weeks and months, Landsbankinn has introduced several new digital service solutions, including the Landsbankinn App. The Bank had previously offered customers the opportunity to adjust their overdraft manually through online banking, apply for payment equalisation for their credit cards and complete a credit assessment for housing loans online. More new features will de introduced in the near future. Reception of these solutions has exceeded all expectations - customers clearly appreciate the opportunity to tend to their banking business via computer or mobile device, anywhere and anytime it suits them. Technical advances in recent years have caused a decline in the frequency of customer visits to branches and various aspects of banking require fewer employees than before. It is nonetheless important to Landsbankinn to maintain a robust network of branches and it currently operates 37 branches and outlets throughout Iceland.

The changes will be implemented during the period 11-29 June and more detailed information will be provided by the relevant branch or outlet.

The following changes apply to opening hours
Current opening hours New opening hours
Breiðdalsvík 12.30-16.00 12.00-15.00
Djúpivogur 11.00-16.00 12.00-15.00
Hvammstangi 9.00-16.00 12.00-15.00
Kópasker 12.00-16.00 12.00-15.00
Neskaupstaður 9.00-16.00 12.00-15.00
Patreksfjörður 9.00-16.00 12.00-15.00
Raufarhöfn 12.00-15.30 12.00-15.00
Skagaströnd 9.00-16.00 12.00-15.00
Vopnafjörður 12.30-16.00 12.00-15.00
Þorlákshöfn 9.00-16.00 12.00-15.00
Þórshöfn 12.30-16.00 12.00-15.00

Concurrent to these changes, the Bank's Hagatorg branch will become an outlet from the Austurstræti 11 branch. Back office work will no longer take place at Hagatorg and back office positions at headquarters will be reduced. There will as a result be fewer employees at Hagatorg, yet customers should not notice any great change in services offered.


Vikubyrjun/Weekly bulletin - 22 October 2018 10:49 AM

Icelandic Economic Weekly: Monday 22 october 2018

The CBI released the minutes of the last meeting of the MPC. Statistics Iceland published population projections for 2018–2067. The week ahead Tomorrow, the CBI will release its biannual Financial Stability Report.


News and Notifications - 18 October 2018 02:51 PM

Bríet, Huginn and Kælan Mikla featured on Landsbankinn’s Iceland Airwaves site

Landsbankinn is warming up for Iceland Airwaves by posting new videos and interviews with young musicians to its Iceland Airwaves site. This year, the featured musicians are Huginn, Bríet and the band Kælan Mikla.


Vikubyrjun/Weekly bulletin - 15 October 2018 10:39 AM

Icelandic Economic Weekly: Monday 15 october 2018

Government accounts for 2017 were published. Arion Bank published the FME’s assessment of the bank’s capital requirement. Preparations are under way for the merger of the Central Bank of Iceland and the Financial Supervisory Authority.