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Tariff changes – foreign payments

Landsbankinn's tariff has been amended to reflect changes in foreign exchange transactions. Most of the changes enter into effect today, 19 June, while others become effective on 20 August. Landsbankinn’s customers will soon be able to carry out foreign payments in online banking at a lower cost than when purchasing such transactions from cashiers in branches and most of the changes are a reflection of this.

In addition to changes to foreign payment items in the tariff, certain charges are cancelled and new options and tariff items added. Among new items are so-called euro payments, or SEPA payments, which customers will be able to carry out through online banking. SEPA stands for the single euro payment area, a European-wide standard intended to facilitate euro denominated transfers between European countries, reducing the cost of such payments. It will be less expensive to transfer currency through online banking than with cashiers in branches and this applies to both euro denominated payments (SEPA) as well as other foreign transfers (SWIFT).

Changes to item descriptions are made for clarification purposes and enter into effect immediately. Among changes to the tariff, published with two months’ notice and entering into effect on 20 August, are the introduction of a set fee on queries, the charge on cancelling or recalling payments increases and charges on SWIFT payments changes.

Information about the new and old tariff of Landsbankinn


News and Notifications - 21 September 2018 09:28 AM

Landsbankinn pays ISK 9.5 bn in special dividend

On 19 September, Landsbankinn paid a special dividend in the amount of ISK 9.5 bn. The Bank has paid a total of ISK 24.8 bn in dividends in 2018 and total dividends paid since 2013 amount to ISK 131.7 bn. Around 99.7% of dividend payments accrue to the National Treasury.


B2B english - 21 September 2018 12:45 PM

Renewal of certificate under on 8 October

At 9:00 (GMT+0) on 8 October, a new SSL certificate will be installed in the Landsbankinn Schema on the website Landsbankinn will continue to use the SHA-2 certificate, and this update is merely occasioned by a renewal of the validity period.


Hagsjá/Economic Forecast - 21 September 2018 10:45 AM

Overview of the Icelandic FX market

Last week, when the króna had depreciated by almost 7% since the beginning of the month and more than 2% within the day against the euro, the Central Bank intervened and sold 9 million euros. This represents the Central Bank's first intervention on the FX market since November 2017, when the Bank bought 3 million euros.