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Overview of the Icelandic FX market

After having depreciated somewhat autumn in 2018, the króna has been relatively stable so far this year. Since the beginning of the year, the EURISK exchange rate has stayed between 132 and 140 króna. The Central Bank intervened twice in the FX market last week. On Tuesday, the CB responded to an inter day depreciation of the króna by selling EUR9m (ISK 1.2 bn.). After WOW air ceased operations on 28 March, the CB sold EUR 6m (ISK 0.8bn.).

Icelandic FX market - April 2018


News and Notifications - 17 April 2019 03:50 PM

Open again Tuesday 23 April - Happy Easter!

Landsbankinn’s branches and service centres will as usual be closed over the Easter holidays and open again on Tuesday, 23 April. Information about stand-by service for Landsbankinn’s card holders (Visa), travel insurance and SOS emergency assistance is available on the Bank’s website. We remind card holders to notify immediately of lost or stolen cards.


News and Notifications - 17 April 2019 09:52 AM

Landsbankinn a model of good corporate governance

The Centre of Corporate Governance (CCG) has renewed its recognition of Landsbankinn as a model of corporate governance. The award is organised by the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, Nasdaq OMX Iceland, the Confederation of Icelandic Employers and the CCG at the University of Iceland.


Weekly bulletin - 15 April 2019 10:46 AM

Icelandic Economic Weekly: Monday 15 April 2019

The real exchange rate of the Icelandic króna in March 2019 decreased by 9.8% YoY. Icelandair published traffic data for March. The Government Debt Management Agency published its monthly Market Information report.