Western Union

Money transfers to over 200 countries and territories in minutes

Landsbankinn, Western Union's authorised agent in Iceland, offers the Western Union® Money TransferSM service at all branches throughout Iceland (except for the branches in Vesturbær, Hafnarfjörður and Grafarholt).

The Western Union® Money TransferSM service is concluded on the spot and the transfer takes only a few minutes*.

Western Union has over 275 000 agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories, making their service accessible practically everywhere in the world.

Western Union® services are tailored to fit the needs of individuals and businesses for international money transfers. Individuals working or residing abroad often use this service to send funds to family and friends back home. 

Information on agent locations throughout the world can be found on the Western Union website by clicking the "Find Agent Location" tab.

Further information about Western Union® Money TransferSM can be collected at the nearest Landsbankinn branch (except for the branches in Vesturbær, Hafnarfjörður and Grafarholt).

To send money

The person sending money provides details of the recipient, full name, country and the sum to be transferred. Each transfer can be tracked by a unique Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Western Union ensures that your money will be paid out quickly, in full, and only to the right person. The recipient of the payment does not need to have a bank account.


All transfers from Iceland are sent in ISK, and paid out to the receiver in local currency. Agents in some countries can also offer pay out in USD and/or EUR**.

* Payment subject to hour of operations, differences in time zones and other applicable restrictions.
** In addition to transfer fees, Western Union also makes money when it changes your money into foreign currency.